eir TV Online Player on your PC or laptop

Navigating the eir TV Online Player on your PC or laptop

When you first log into the Online player, you will see something like this with a left side menu for navigating.


Top Menu


  1. The Highlights screen gives you a display of upcoming programmes. You can hover over the image and click the left and right arrows to cycle through the Highlights
  2. You can set a programme to record on this screen, or watch a catch-up where available
  3. You choose which category to browse through by clicking the heading


  1. The Channels screen shows a snapshot of the programme currently on all the channels you're subscribed to
  2. Click the snapshot to watch that channel

TV Guide

  1. The TV Guide shows the programme listings for all the channels you are subscribed to. They are separated into Favourites and All Channels
  2. You can choose between displaying three hours or five hours of listings in the top right-hand corner
  3. For information on how to record from the TV Guide, see here
  4. Clicking on a programme will give more information on it. You will also get the option of Recording or Catching up
  5. The drop-down menu allows you to change the date and time for the TV Guide

Side Menu

Live TV

  1. This Menu shows all your subscribed channels as well as what's coming up next
  2. Click on a channel to watch
  3. You can edit your Favourites by clicking the Edit button and selecting the star next to the channel. Once it turns green, it has been favourited
  4. When you have set your Favourites, click Save and your preferences will be synced across all of your eir TV devices


  1. The Recordings tab will show all of you current and scheduled recordings. This will be synced across all your eir TV devices
  2. To watch a recording, simply click on it
  3. Hover over the Recording for more information and options

How to Set / Edit Favourite Channels

  • You can set and edit your Favourite channels by clicking the Edit button in the Favourites section.
  • Each channel has a star next to it. The green stars are the channels you have already Favourited. Channels you have not Favourited will be grey.
  • Once you selected your Favourite channels, click Save and your selection will be synced across all your eir TV devices.

Control the Player

There are two ways to control the player when watching a programme:

  1. You can use the on screen controls by hovering over the player and clicking the buttons
  2. You can also control the player using Keyboard shortcuts. You can find a list of these shortcuts by hovering over the User icon in the top right-hand corner and clicking the Keyboard shortcuts

Filter and Search

You can filter the channels that appear in the Live TV tab by clicking the Filter button

  1. Type in a phrase and press the Enter button
  2. You can also search by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon in the top right-hand corner and typing in your search terms
  3. As you type, the results will start appearing in a drop-down menu. To see more, click the More option, or press the Enter button
  4. You can also record or catch up from the search results - where available

Set a Recording

Manage Recordings