Record, manage and resolved issues with recordings

Can I record with eir TV?

Yes you can make 500 recording events e.g. 500 of your favourite TV shows simultaneously. We have recording across the channels although recording is currently not available on RTE and Virgin Media channels, however you just need to download the RTE player app to catch up on anything you’ve missed on RTE, which is really easy to do and we have 7 day Catch Up available on Virgin Media allowing you to watch programmes you may have missed in the last 7 days.

How to record on eir TV

Setting up recordings is easy and there are several different ways to do it.

In the Hightlights and Live TV screens:

  1. Next to the programme or series you wish to record, select the menu button (three vertical dots)
  2. Select Record Episode or Record Series to set your recording
  3. That's it! Your film or show will be recorded and saved for you to watch at your leisure

In the TV Guide:

  1. Tap the programme or series you wish to record
  2. Select the record button
  3. Select Record Episode or Record Series to set your recording
  4. Enjoy your programme whenever it suits you!

You can also record on the eir TV Mobile Apps and Online player, just select the programme you want to record and choose the Record Episode and Record Series options where available.

Manage your Recordings

The recordings screen (recordings tab on the Online Player) lets you view and manage your recordings.

  • You can see how many recordings you have left at the top of the screen. You can have up to 500!
  • To watch a recording, simply tap on the image or the play button
  • More information on your recording can be found by tapping the recording's title
  • To remove or delete an episode or series recording, tap the menu button. You can choose to remove one episode, or the entire series

More information

Issues with Recordings

Here's how to troubleshoot any problems you might have with using the record function on your Apple TV.

Unable to Record

Some programmes can't be recorded. When watching an unrecordable Live programme, it will not display any recording options. An unrecordable programme in the TV Guide will give an error message if you try to record it
There is a limit of 500 recordings available (the length of the recordings don't matter). When you have reached this limit, you will have to remove some of the recordings to make room for new ones.

Try these steps if you are unable to record a programme:

To delete a single recording:

1. On the Recordings screen, highlight a recording you no longer want and click on the remote
2. Select Recording Options and click on the remote
3. Select Remove Episode to remove only the selected episode. Select Cancel Series Recording to remove all episodes of that series

To delete multiple recordings at once:

1. On the Recordings Screen, click Edit
2. Highlight any programmes you don't want to keep and click on the remote to mark them with a green tick
3. Once you selected all the recordings you wish to remove, click on the Remove Selected button to delete them

Can't find a Recording

1. Go to the Recordings screen
2. Make sure the All Recordings category is selected
3. Use the remote to highlight Sort & Filter in the top-right corner and click on the touchpad
4. Make sure that all the options in the Filter by Section are set to 'Off' so that all recordings are showing on the Recordings screen
5. If you cannot find the recording after removing the filters, the recording is not present

Do I have to have eir broadband to avail of eir TV?

Yes, you must be an eir broadband customer to avail of eir TV.

Do I need to have an iTunes account to use the eir TV app on Apple TV?

No, the eir TV app will download and be placed on your Apple TV. Authentication will take place seamlessly.