Supported Web Browers and Operating Systems

Who can watch eir TV?

As an eir TV customer, you can watch your channels in several ways:

  • On your Apple TV
  • On the eir TV app
  • On your eir TV Online Player

You just need to make sure you're signed up for my eir.

How do I sign in?

Just visit the eir TV online player and sign in with your my eir details and you will be good to go.
Your device will be registered automatically if there is a free spot available. If not you will need to manage your devices.

Supported Web Browers and Operating Systems

There are multiple ways you can watch eir TV, from Smartphones, tablets, web browsers as well as your TV. All you have to do is check your devices can support eir TV.

Supported Web Browsers

For you to stream eir TV on your PC, you will need to use one of these browsers:


  1. Firefox from Windows 7
  2. Chrome from Windows 7
  3. Edge from Windows 10


  1. Firefox from 10.9
  2. Chrome from 10.10
  3. Safari from macOS 10.12

How do I download the eir TV app?

  1. You must first be registered for a my eir account.
  2. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store on iOS.
  3. Open the app and enter your log in details.

How do I sign into the eir TV app?

Your log in details for the eir TV app are the same as your my eir app.

Simply enter the username and password from your my eir app and click Log In.

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