Your remote control explained

My remote doesn’t seem to be working properly?

  • If your remote is not working correctly ensure:
  1. You have proper line-of-sight between the remote and the eir vision box.
  2. Check the batteries by replacing with new ones.


If you continue to have problems contact our eir care team

I’m not sure which buttons to press on the eir vision remote Control?

Here’s a quick guide to your remote control:

Can I program my remote control to operate my TV?

Unfortunately no. You’ll still need to use your TV remote to switch the TV on and off and select the correct input, similar to how you operate a DVD player or game console etc.

My remote is slow to respond

  • A reduced reaction time between your eir vision box and your remote is a sign that you should replace your batteries before they fail.
  • They should last between 6 - 12 months, depending on the amount of usage.
  • You’ll need AAA type batteries to operate your remote
  • To replace the batteries
    1. Open the battery cover by sliding it downwards.
    2. Insert the batteries, using the+ or  sign on the battery as a guide. 
    3. Close the battery cover.