Your recordings explained

What do I do if I can’t find a recording?

  • Recordings are only available from your primary set top box.
  • There are two sections your recording may be stored in – ‘Series recording’ and ‘Recordings’.
  • Select the appropriate option from the ‘My Recordings’ menu and you’ll find your recording there.
  • If you don’t see a recording in ‘Series recordings’ don’t worry, it’s most probably because your recording was a once off recording that’s stored in ‘Recordings’.
  • In ‘Recordings’ your single recordings are sorted by date with the most recent recording appearing first.

How many programmes can I record at any one time?

  • You can record two programmes and watch another that you’ve recorded all at the same time or record up to two channels and watch one of the channels you are currently recording.
  • If you try to record three programmes which air at the same time, a conflict recording message will pop up on screen. It will ask you to:

Delete one or more programmes
The first on-screen message gives you the option to delete the programme/s that you do not wish to record.

How do I view a programme I have recorded?

Recordings on your eir vision box are stored in My Recordings. Within My Recordings, your recordings are stored in 2 places - Series Recordings and Recordings.

Series Recordings 

  • Series recordings contain a folder for each series that you’ve recorded using the green button on your remote.
  • Click on a folder to see all of the episodes recorded for that Series.
  • If you don’t see your recording in Series Recordings don’t worry, it’s most probably because your recording was a once off recording that’s stored in Recordings.


Recordings contain any recording you’ve created on a once off basis using the Rec (Record) button on your remote.

If my eir vision Set top box is plugged out will my programme still record?

No, your eir vision+ box (STB) must be plugged in and connected for all your scheduled programmes to be recorded.

How do I delete a recording?

There are two ways to delete TV recordings:

Delete an entire series: 

  1. To delete an entire series go to the Series Recording option in “My recordings”.
  2. Scroll to the series you’d like to delete and press the X button on your remote.

Any future recordings for the series will continue to record and a new folder will be created the next time a recording takes place.

If you would like to delete future recordings of the series go to the 'Scheduled Recordings' option and delete the series.

Delete a single recording: 

  • If you’re deleting an episode from a series select the recording within the series you would like to delete using the left and right arrows on your remote and press 'X'.

If you want to delete a once-off recording go to the “recordings” section, scroll to the recording you would like to delete and press 'X' on your remote.

If my box breaks will I lose all my recordings?

  • If the box is malfunctioning, in most cases we are able to resolve the issue - call our technical support team on 1901.
  • Only in rare occasions will your eir vision box need to be replaced, and in those circumstances you will unfortunately lose your recordings.