This will require customers to take action and reset single and series recordings.

What we are changing?

TV listings - the TV Guide and programme information including; programme titles, synopsis, images and information on how recordings are made, will be refreshed.

Why we are making this change?

  • To provide more accurate and detailed programme information (synopsis, programme titles etc.)
  • Better quality imagery
  • More accurate series linking with fewer duplicate recordings

Impact for eir vision customers

The overall look and feel of the user interface will remain the same on eir vision but the channel and programme information within the user interface will change.

Once off recordings

Once off recordings of programmes broadcasting between the 21st and 28th November which were set up before the 21st of November will no longer record. To rectify this, customers should re-schedule these once off recordings between the 21st November and the date and time that the programme is due to be broadcast.

Series Record

Similarly, any programmes set to series record will not record from the 21st of November onwards. Customers should reset all series recordings on or after the 21st November (but before the programme broadcast date and time to avoid missing any episodes)

After the 21st November there will be two separate recordings folders for each Series Recorded programme. 

  1. The first folder will contain programmes recorded before the 21st November.
  2. The second folder will contain programmes recorded on or after the 21st of November. This folder may also contain some programmes previously recorded, which have been repeated in the TV schedule since the 21st November.

Programmes and Series Recordings made prior to the 21st November will remain in your recordings folders.

Once off recordings

Table that shows your recordings made and when they will be available until.