Why are my recordings missing the start or end?

If an earlier program runs over time it could affect the start and end time of your scheduled recording

You can avoid this issue by manually setting your programme to record a little earlier and finish a little later 

To manually set recording time

  1. Click through to the Settings icon on the Home Menu
  2. Choose Recording Settings
  3. Select Change Pre-record time to:

 1 Minute / 5 Minutes / 10 Minutes / 15 Minutes / 20 Minutes

(This adds time to the beginning of each recording)

  1. Select Change Post-record time to:

 1 Minute / 5 Minutes / 10 Minutes / 15 Minutes / 20 Minutes

(This adds time to the end of each recording).

Why are my recordings missing?

There are two sections your recording may be stored in:

Series recordings
If you don't see your recording within Series recordings your recording might be a once off recording stored in Recordings

In Recordings, your single recordings are sorted by date with the most recent recording appearing first.

Please note, if you watching TV on Multiroom, recordings are only available from your primary set top box.

Why can’t I record?

You may not be able to record could be due to too recordings happening at once.

With eir vision you can:

Record two programmes at once while watching a recording


Record up to two channels and watch one of the channels you are currently recording.


If you try to record three programmes at the same time, a conflict recording message will pop up on screen.

It will ask you to:

Delete one or more programmes
An on-screen message will give you an option to remove the programme/s you don’t want to record.

If my eir Vision box breaks, will I lose all my recordings?

If the box is malfunctioning, in most cases we are able to resolve the issue - get in touch with us

Only in rare occasions will your eir vision box need to be replaced, and in those circumstances you will unfortunately lose your recordings.