How Do I Record Something On Later?

  1. Press Guide or select Programme Guide in the Menu
  2. Navigate to the programme you wish to record and press REC on your remote

How Do I Modify a Recording?

If there is a clash of programmes you wish to record or if a Live event goes on longer than scheduled, you may wish to modify your recordings

  1. Press REC to bring up the schedule recording pop-up
  2. Use the left and right arrows to modify the time
  3. Use the up and down arrows switch between the start and end time
  4. Press OK to confirm
  5. Cancel the selection by pressing Back

How Do I view a programme I have recorded?

Recordings on your eir vision box are stored in My Recordings

Series Recordings

  • Series recordings contain a folder for each series that you've recorded using the green button on your remote
  • Click on a folder to see all of the episodes recorded for that Series.
  • If you don't see your recording in Series Recordings don’t worry, it’s most probably because your recording was a once off recording that’s stored in Recordings


  • Recordings contain any recording you've created on a once off basis using the Rec (Record) button on your remote.