What error messages on your eir Vision TV box mean and tips to resolve them

1. Error message "Connection Error" – GeoLock /Error 400/405

  1. You have moved your eir Vision Box to another location
  2. You have connected to another broadband line other than the line the account for the TV service is registered to.
  3. There is a delay in the eir Vision Box connecting to the TV platform.

How to fix connection issue:

  1. Please check your broadband connection and ensure your modem has a steady DSL light and green internet light.
  2. If your modem is connected then check your internal network cables.
  3. If using homeplugs it may take several minutes for your homeplugs to reconnect.
  4. Verify the home plugs are connected.
  5. Click the OK button on the remote to retry.
  6. If the problem is not resolved then restart your eir vision box.
  7. If this does not resolve the issue you may then need to troubleshoot your modem/home plug connection click here
  8. If the issue still exists, please contact our eir vision experts in our technical support team here

 Note: eir Vision is unaffected by adverse weather conditions

connection error

2. Error message "Server temporarily down due to Maintenance" App error

  1. This message is displayed if the server is down for maintenance
  2. Or if the App cannot connect to the server due to network issues

How to fix connection issue:

  1. Check your device is connected to the internet. See if you can browse a website or view content on another video streaming site such as YouTube
  2. If you can view content then the issue is definitely with the App
  3. If you cannot view other content then you need to troubleshoot your internet connection to restore connectivity, click here for more information

3. Error message "Not Subscribed to Channel error"

This error message is common if you are attempting to view a channel you are not subscribed to.

How to fix issue:


  1. Check that the channel is included in your package.
  2. If it is included in your subscription, try deep sleeping your eir vision box.
  3. To do this, hold down the power button on the remote for approx. 10 seconds. You can let go once you see a message at the bottom of the screen which states "Entering sleep mode".
  4. The box will then power down, when the light on the front of the eir Vision Box goes off
  5. Turn it back on.
  6. If the channel is still unavailable and part of an Add-On pack, such as the eir Experience Pack, or the eir HD pack, please contact customer care on 1901, option 1.
  7. If the channel is part of the basic channel selection, the eir Essential package, then try resetting the modem. See instructions below.

To reset the modem:

  1. Find the reset pinhole on the back of the modem, near where the power cable connects to it.
  2. Using a pin, paperclip or similar, press the button on the bottom of this hole and hold it down for 10-15 seconds.
  3. If done correctly, the modem will lose connection to the internet once the button is released.
  4. The connection should return within 5 minutes.
  5. If the issue still exists, please contact our eir vision experts in our technical support team here

Please note that resetting the modem will delete any custom settings which had been applied to the eir modem, such as a Wi-Fi password change.

4. Error message "No Signal" or "Weak Signal"

This message comes from the TV itself, not the eir vision box.


How to fix issue: 

  1. If you see this message, try changing the Source channel on the TV, using the "Source" or "Input" button on the TV or TV remote, not the eir remote.
  2. If adjusting the source input does not help, ensure the light on the eir box is on.
  3. Ensure the cable connecting the eir Vision Box to your television set is connected correctly.

If you still encounter issues, consult the manual for your television set, or contact the Technical Support department of your television's manufacturer.