Check the basics

I have no TV signal

  • Check the TV Source/Input and ensure it aligns with the HDMI port on your eir vision set top box
  • Check your cables are connected as per the diagram below and nothing has come unplugged.
  • Make sure your eir vision set top box is powered on as shown by a Green Indicator or lit LED button
  • Make sure your modem is powered on and the status lights are flashing
  • PressPower on your remote and check if the LED on the front of your eir vision box is blinking. If the LED is not blinking, you may need to replace the batteries in your remote.
  • If using Home plugs, check to see the lights are powered on
  • Reboot your TV box
    1. Press power on the remote for few seconds Y
    2. You’ll see ‘Entering deep sleep mode’ on the screen.
    3. Turn on the box as usual
    4. Try another eir vision box (If available)

If the issue still exists then chat online to one of our eir vision experts in our technical support team or call us on 1890 260 260 (open 24/7).

Note: eir vision is unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

I’m getting a message that says Hard Disk Full

You will need to delete some old recordings.

  1. Go to the Planner
  2. Go to Recordings or Series Recordings
  3. Select the program/series you want to remove p
  4. Press delete on your remote.

Can I copy recorded programmes from the hard drive to a DVD or USB?

Unfortunately not, the eir vision+ box does not allow for you to copy programmes elsewhere.