Code of Practice Information

What is eir's Code of Practice

See here for information on our Code of Practice and other related policy statements.

What is eir's policy on providing Disability Services?

In eir we aim to make our telephone services available to all our customers and pay special attention to our customers with accessability issues. A consumer guide for people with a disability is available here for all our customers

What is your customer service guarantee?

We also operate a customer service guarantee. This service guarantee is operated in parallel with our code of practice for handling your complaints. It is provided for within the service guarantee that where we do not meet certain target dates for installation and fault clearance you may be entitled to a rebate.

 You can contact our customer service guarantee centre on 1800 400 000 in relation to complaints or claims of this nature.

 For installation and fault clearance the rebate does not apply to services other than PSTN (Standard telephone service). Please note the customer guarantee service does not cover Broadband, ISDN or Voice over broadband service and for fault clearance in the circumstances outlined below:

  • Extreme weather conditions (e.g. storm, lightening, flooding).
  • Serious damage to telecommunications equipment caused by a third party.
  • When a customer is unavailable to have their fault repaired in two working days.
  • When the customer agrees to an appointment date in excess of two working days.
  • If the fault is diagnosed as a non-fault (e.g. line working when tested, fault not in eir’s network).
  • Internal wiring and telecommunication equipment within the customer premises or a third party property.

 For further details about Our customer service guarantee please click here.

Disconnection Policy

It is our policy here at eir that bills due must be paid on or before the date specified on the bill. This normally allows a period of 14 days after the bill date for payment, 14 days if you pay by direct debit.

If you do not pay your account by the due date we may restrict your ability to make and receive calls. Before doing this we will endeavour to contact you to remind you that your bill is overdue.

Should your line be restricted in this manner you will still be able to contact the emergency services via 112 or 999.

If after we restrict service in this way your balance remains outstanding we will write to you informing you that your contract will be terminated (notification of termination).

If the amount due remains unpaid after the time specified in the notification of termination your account will be terminated and your line removed. At this point you will no longer be able to contact the emergency services and will receive your final bill.

We will continue to follow up on outstanding balances after the final bill issues.

Useful addresses and telephone numbers

You can seek independent advice regarding your complaint from any of the following:


Commission for Communications Regulation

Abbey Court, Irish Life Center, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Tel: 1890 229 668 or Fax: 01 804 9680



The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

PO Box 12585, Dublin 1

Tel: 01 402 5500 or fax 01 402 5501



Advertising Standards Authority

Ferry House, 48 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2

Tel: 01 613 7040 or Fax: 01 613 7043



Small Claims Courts

Information is available from your local District Court Offices.

European Commission Online Dispute Resolution


Under EU Regulations Consumers who have a complaint about goods or services purchased on-line have a right to refer their complaint to an independent dispute resolution agency via the following link: