Moving Home

What should I expect when moving my eir services to a new address?

Our Moving Home team will look after everything involved in moving your eir services to your new address. Click here to complete the form and we will be in touch within 5 working days.

What details will I need to move my services?

Our online form outlines all the information we will need to move your services to your new address correctly.

An outline of what we will need is below;

  • Account No
  • Contact information
  • Your old and new address and the correct eircode for your new address

Full details are visible on our Home Move form

When will I expect to be contacted?

In most circumstances we will aim to contact you back through email within 48 working hours of completing the form. In some circumstances, we may need to contact you by phone. We will email you to let you know first.

What notifications will I receive?

You will receive an email notifying you of the completion of your home move, as well as an email confirming the cancellation of service at your previous address. 

Please note; If you have mobile(s) you will get an additional email, advising of a new order, disregard this email as it is not relevant. This is to ensure your mobile(s) are in your bundle at your new address.

Do I get a new account number?

Customers who are on our new billing system will get to keep their same eir account number however, in some cases customers who are on our old billing system will need to move to our new billing system which will mean a new eir account number is provided. Don’t worry, if this happens, we will email you to confirm full details.

What do I do with my current equipment?

Once service is cancelled at your old address, you are only required to return any fibre or TV equipment to us. To do this we will write to your new address with details on how to return this equipment to us.

If I need an appointment, can I get a weekend appointment?

Unfortunately our technicians are not available on these days but anyone over the age of 18 can be there to allow the engineer to do the work provided from Monday to Friday.

I was given an installation date later than the date I requested, how can I change this?

The account holder will need to call the number on the text or email provided to them otherwise you can call the Appointments team on 01 536 6550.

Why have I received a new TV device at my new address?

As of October 2019 we have started using apple TV. We are unable to send out the old TV boxes as these are not available for new sales. Don't worry our new TV service still allows you to watch the same TV shows. Customers can now download third party applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and much more on their new apple TV box.

I received an email asking me for a tenancy agreement or proof of ownership, what is this?

You would receive this email if the service in your new property is already active. The Tenancy agreement/proof of ownership procedure is a process required when there is an active service at your new residence. Services cannot be moved into a residence where there are current active services and we require these pieces of information in order to cancel the previous customer’s service.

Upon submission of these details they are reviewed to allow the service at the address to be cancelled and your home move to be processed. This process can take up to 10 working days to complete.

What happens if service is not available at my new address?

We will make every effort to install the same service(s) that you have at your old address at your new address. In some cases some services may not be available but we will contact you by phone or email to discuss this further. 

Will anything change with my bills?

If you are on our new billing system you will retain the same account number, billing cycle and payment details as you would have had in the old address.  Should you however be on our older billing platform you will receive a final bill with the balance moving to our new billing system for your first bill in your new home. This will mean that the first bill will be larger but it will relate to services used, should you have a credit this will also carry over onto your first bill in your new address.

Do I need to re-register for my eir?

Customers who keep their same eir account number can simply log in as they would have previously on my eir and view their new service at their new address. For customers receiving a new eir account number you can add this to your my eir, we would recommend re-registering for my eir using the new account information provided by us. For more information on my eir, please visit