Can I keep my number?

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes you can keep your existing number and switch to eir.

All you need to do is select the option to keep your existing number when you are purchasing through our online store. If you have already received your new mobile or SIM, please contact our eir Mobile Customer Care to arrange this for you.

If you are switching from a bill pay service from another mobile provider and wish to keep your number, please take note you of the following in order to complete the switch. 

  1. The account number from your current provider (if currently Bill Pay)
  2. Ensure your mobile phone is not locked to another network. If your phone is locked, the eir SIM card will not work so you must contact your current provider.
  3. Keep your current provider’s SIM card in your mobile phone. We need to send you a text to confirm the number you want to switch to eir.
  4. Know what type of customer you are:

i. Bill Pay Single Line – I only have one mobile with my old provider
ii. Bill Pay Multiline – I have several mobiles with my old provider
iii. Prepay Registered – I have  registered my details with my current provider
iv. Prepay Unregistered  - I have not registered my details with my current provider