What to expect

Will there be a break in your service?

We aim to ensure that your move to eir will be a seamless process with no loss in service.

Activating your eir service will take up to 10 working days. This timeframe takes into account situations where you may need a new eir line installed in your home.

Giving notice to your current provider.

In most instances a service provider requires 30 days' notice of your intention to cancel or cease the service.

If moving your phone and broadband from Sky or Vodafone, we will be able to switch the line over to eir once you provide us with the UAN number with no break in service.

Sky TV customers should give notice to Sky of their intention to discontinue the service.

Virgin customers will be required to cancel the service with Virgin Media and have an eir line installed/re-activated as part of their order.

Your account payments must also be up to date before moving your service to another provider. We recommend checking with your provider for their exact terms.

What do you need to place an order?

You will need:

  • UAN number: Your UAN or Universal Account Number is a unique identifier recognised by all service providers in Ireland. This number allows you to transfer your service from one provider to another and is usually available on your bill.
  • Direct Debit Details: You will need your bank account or credit card details.
  • Proof of Identity: Irish driving license, Irish Passport, Foreign Passport or EU National Identity Card. (Mobile orders only. Customers may require proof of identity during the credit vetting process).

To ensure your order is processed as quickly as possible, please have all the information above and make sure your account with your current provider is up to date.

Porting your mobile number

Of course! Head over to our porting page, enter your details and we will get your number switched over. The switch can take anything up to 24 hours but is typically pretty instant.

Unlocking your handset

If your handset is locked to your previous provider, you will need to request an unlocking code from them. They will probably ask you for your "IMEI" number which can be obtained by dialling *#06# into your handset keypad.

How to move contacts from a standard SIM to a micro SIM

Feel free to pop into one of our eir stores where we will be happy to help.