How to prepare for your appointment

Getting ready for eir fibre

For customers getting eir fibre to the home installed, this is a game changer for the Irish broadband users with speeds of up to 10 times faster than ordinary broadband. You also get your own line so there’s no sharing, no interference. We need your help to ensure the installation runs smoothly.

Here's your checklist to prepare for your visit from the engineer

  1. If you live in an apartment or shared building you need to contact the management company to arrange access for our technician before they arrive.
  2. Ensure you have permission from the landlord
  3. When our technician arrives we will need to check the underground duct is clear. If blocked, we might need to clear it or lay a new duct or channel for the cable – this may incur a charge but this will all be explained on the day.
  4. Where there is no duct in place, a fibre cable may be run from a telegraph cable to your house.
  5. We will help you identify the best location for your router box inside your home. This will need to be close to a double socket.

Who will be carrying out my appointment?

A KN technician will carry out the installation on eir’s behalf.

I am a new customer; will I be able to get my installation done on the first appointment?

In some cases we will be able to install your services on the first appointment, however if there is no current service overhead or underground, more work and a 2nd call out may be required. When this occurs we will use the first appointment as a site survey to investigate the work that may need to be completed.

An example of this work may be:

  • To run an overhead cable to the gable of your house from the nearest telephone pole. Depending on the type of installation best suited to your house the technician may need to drill a small 10mm hole in an external wall

In some cases infrastructure will need to be built underground in the form of ducting. This occurs if the technician cannot go with an overhead solution. To learn more about ducting please click here

How to reschedule your installation appointment?

You can reschedule your installation appointment only by simply selecting here