It has very important information about your service and contract

What is on my Welcome Email?

Shortly after you sign up for an eir service, you will receive your Welcome Email or Letter. This message contains some very important information about your service and contract, so make sure you keep a record of it.

1. Account Number
You will need this number to access your my eir account. You will also be asked to reference it of you get in touch with us for any reason

2. Bundle Name
This is the official name of your eir plan or bundle

3. Your Bundle Includes
This section contains a breakdown of what exactly is in your package. It will list each service separately including each mobile on the account

4. Bundle Contract Length
This is your contract length in months

5. Promotional Price
This is the monthly promotional cost of your eir service. Any discounts you are currently availing of will already have been deducted from the full price

6. Regular Price
This is the full cost of your bundle without any discounts or promotions

7. Your Add Ons
Any Add Ons will be listed here

8. Your Promotional Discounts
This section will give a breakdown of any discounts associated with your account and when they will end

9. Upfront Payments
If you paid any charge upfront, it will be listed here

10. Once Off Charges
If there are any Once Off charges associated with your service (like an activation fee), it will be listed here

11. Deposit Paid
If you paid a deposit, it will be listed here

12. Direct Debit Discount
If you sign up for Direct Debit, you get a €2 discount off every single bill

13. Keep your current mobile number
This section contains information on how to keep your current mobile number if you have recently moved to eir mobile