My connection seems to come and go on my home phone line?

Things to do and check

  1. Check your connection
  2. Check your handset
  3. Check call forwarding and ring back
  4. Is it a new phone line?
  5. Have you just got broadband installed?
  6. Has there been a power cut?
  7. Will I be charged?

Check your connection

  1. Remove all other connections (e.g. extension cables, phones, tv boxes, game consoles etc) as these may cause potential problems on the telephone line.
  2. Reconnect the phone directly to the main socket. If you can hear a dial tone and make a call then the issue is not with your phone line and could be with your handset. Click here for more info.
  3. Ensure the telephone lead is securely plugged directly into the telephone socket and the handset is connected to the phone itself. Or if you're using a cordless phone to the base of the phone.
  4. To minimise interference on the line, your base should be placed away from large metal items and electronic equipment, such as fridge-freezers, TV’s etc.
  5. Additionally, try to have the distance between the base and handset obscured by as few walls as possible.
  6. For eir Broadband Talk users, ensure the telephone or cordless phone base station is plugged in to one of two grey FXS ports on the back of the modem, and complete steps 1 – 5 above.

Check for a problem with your handset

To check that the problem isn’t with your handset please retry with a different one (if you don't have a spare one you could  take your phone to a friend or neighbours and try it in their socket).

Check Call forwarding or Ring Back

It’s possible you have call forwarding turned on. To turn it off:

  • Lift the receiver on your phone and dial #21#. For eir Broadband Talk users dial *211.
  • Hang up


You may have call Ring back turned on. To turn it off:

  • Dial *37#,
  • Hang up, then lift receiver again and check for a normal dialling tone.

If it is a new phone line

If you were advised that your landline would be in service within 24 hours and it hasn't automatically connected we may need to send a technician to investigate.

Please chat to one of our agents or call us on 1901 from a mobile or another landline to notify us as your line may be showing active on our system.

If you have just got broadband installed

*Please note – if an eir technician installed your broadband do not carry out the steps below as they may impact your service.

  • The single-port filter may be incorrectly connected to the purple phone cable. The single port filter cannot be used to connect the modem. Please unplug the single-port filter from the purple phone cable.
  • The purple phone cable may be connected to the wrong side of the splitter. Try switching the phone and modem cables in the splitter with a phone connected to the line at the main socket, you can now check if you have a dial-tone.

If you cannot hear a tone, there may be a fault with the line or you may have been supplied a faulty splitter. Please contact our technical support department on 1901.

Can I still make calls in the event of a power cut or network failure?

Access to Emergency Services is provided but calls, including emergency calls made via eir Broadband Talk  will be rendered inoperable  in the event of power or broadband connection failure. These failures may be caused by reasons outside our control.

Customers availing of the eir Broadband Talk Service are advised to employ alternative means of contacting Emergency Services, and to ensure they have made sufficient preparations for this contingency prior to availing of the eir Broadband Talk Service. 

If you do use eir Broadband Talk to contact Emergency Services, you must inform the operator  of your location at the start of the call.

Will I be charged for repairs?

There is no call out charge for the maintenance of all wiring up to and including the master socket.

In all other cases a call out charge will apply.

Our working hours are: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5pm.