Call Forwarding

This allows you to forward all calls to your landline to another number.

To set up call forwarding:

  1. Lift receiver.
  2. Press *21*
  3. Enter the number you want to forward your calls to (include the area code if it's different to your own).
  4. Press #

To turn off call forwarding:

  1. Lift receiver.
  2. Press #21#. For eir Broadband Talk users, press *211.


What does it cost?

The following charges apply:

  • To set-up call forwarding a charge of 25.13 cent (ex vat) or 30.91 cent (inc vat).
  • To check that the call forwarding is set up: 12.57 cent (ex vat) 15.46 cent (inc vat).

You will then be charged for the call from your landline to your mobile. Standard rates apply.

eir Alarm call

eir alarm call is a facility which will set your home phone to ring at a time of your choice. This facility is not available with eir Broadband Talk.

To set up an alarm call:

  1. Lift receiver and dial *55*
  2. Key in the time you want to receive your call using the 24-hour clock (i.e. 7.30am = 0730)
  3. Press #
  4. To confirm your instructions dial *55* (time of call) #

To turn it off:

  1. Lift the receiver and dial #55* (time of call) #

The following charges apply:

  • To Set up eir alarm call: 44.51c (inc. VAT).
  • To Cancel eir Alarm call: 14.83c (inc. VAT).

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows you to suspend a current call to accept a second one and to switch between the two calls.

To set-up Call Waiting:

  1. Lift your receiver.
  2. Press *43# and hang up.

To use Call Waiting:

  1. When you're on the phone, a soft 'beep' alerts you to an incoming call.
  2. To ignore the new call, do nothing.
  3. To take the new call, press R2 (first call goes on hold).
  4. Press R2 to switch between calls.
  5. To finish current call and talk to the other caller, press R1.
  6. If you don't have an R1 and R2 on your phone, press your Release button, then the number 2 (first caller goes on hold).
  7. Press number 1 and (second caller goes on hold).
  8. On some phones, the release button is called Flash.

To turn off Call Waiting:

  1. Lift your receiver.

Press #43# and hang up.

3 Way Calling

With eir 3 way calling, you can talk to two other callers at the same time.

You don’t need to set it up, just follow these steps when you want to make the call:

  1. Make a call to someone (person A).
  2. When you wish to speak to another person (person B), just press the R button on your phone.
  3. This puts person A on hold and you'll hear a dial tone.
  4. Dial the number for person B.
  5. When you wish to go back to person A, press R2
  6. Now simply press R 2 every time you want to switch between person A and person B.
  7. To speak to both of them at the same time, simply press R3
  8. To end whichever call you are on, press R1

The following charges apply:

Normal call charges apply for each call you make.
Calls are charged on a per minute basis.
Call set up charge of 29c inc VAT applies.


The following charges apply:

  • Normal call charges apply for each call you make.
  • Calls are charged on a per minute basis.
  • Call set up charge of 29c inc VAT applies.

Caller Line Restriction

Caller Line Restriction will allow you to permanently block your number from showing on any call you make from your landline.

To set it up:

  • Contact us to switch on caller line restriction on your line. To contact us chat with a member of our customer care online or call us on 1901.
  • Your number will then stop showing on outbound calls within 1 working day.
  • For eir Broadband Talk users, you can switch caller line restriction on from you telephone handset. Simply dial *31*. To remove caller line restriction, dial *5.

To block your number for one call only:

  • Lift receiver.
  • Dial 141 before the number you are about to dial.

If you are an ex-directory customer, caller line restriction is automatically enabled on your line. To show your number when calling for one call only:

  • Lift receiver
  • Dial 142 before the number you wish to call.

To show your number permanently:

  • Dial *311 . For eir Broadband Talk users, dial *5 to remove caller line restriction.

What is an eir mailbox?

eir mailbox service allows family and friends to leave a message on your landline. You can rent an eir mailbox for €1.51 inc VAT per month.

Features inlude recording your own personal message and creating a private password.
You can also upgrade to 'eir mailbox extra' which allows up to 4 members of a household to have their own private mailbox with message and password. The eir mailbox extra is €2.29 inc VAT per month


eir Ringback will ring back an engaged number for you for a period of 45 minutes until it's free.

To use Ringback:

  1. When you hear an engaged tone simply dial *37#.
  2. When the service is activated, you'll hear a dialling tone.
  3. Hang up and wait for your phone to ring.
  4. Your phone rings when the number is free: simply pick up your phone and our network will automatically re-dial the number for you.

The following charges apply:

  • 12.20c (inc VAT) every time you use it.
  • The subsequent call is then charged at standard call rates.

The eir Ringback service is only available on standard phone lines and to geographic numbers (this means you can't use Ringback when you are calling a mobile number, international number, freefone number etc.) It is not available on our eir Fibre service. This service is not available if the person you are calling has call answering / or call waiting activated or has a voicemail.

Caller ID Display

eir Caller Display lets you see the number of the person calling before you answer. All you need is a Caller ID capable phone.

Your line should already be enabled to show incoming Caller ID, if it is not, please contact us.

There is no cost for this service.

Note: Caller display does not display ex-directory or unlisted numbers.

Check a missed call

To check a missed call:

  • Dial 1471.
  • The system will call out the number you missed a call from.
  • When you've heard the number, you can then press option 3 to be connected to the number.