ISDN Lines

When I'm taking card payments in my business, my line is busy and customers cannot get through to me, What can I do?

A solution to your problem could to be to order an ISDN line.

What is that? - ISDN is a digital phone line that can deliver multiple calls (and data) and if required it can assign numbers to individual extensions using DDI (Direct Dial In). For more details on DDI's please click here.

This means that while you are taking card payments on one channel of the ISDN line the other channel which could be the number you use to advertise is free to receive calls

What do I have to do?

You will need to contact our business service centre on 1800 242 556 (for businesses with less than 9 people) or 1800 400 200 (for larger businesses) and place the order with one of our support agents

What should I ask for?

Depending on your requirements you can choose from the following ISDN products.

Basic Rate - (This is probably the most popular choice for the average SMB customers)

Provides 2 ISDN voice channels and is suitable for small offices or branch sites.

Fractional Rate

Provides 16 ISDN voice channels and is ideal for larger sites and gives the ability to flexibly add additional channels if needed.

Primary Rate

Provides 30 ISDN voice channels and is ideal for larger sites or HQs.

We also offer a full range of Service Level Agreements across customer's Fractional and Primary Rate line types providing them with clear, reliable and guaranteed levels of service around their critical voice services. 24X7X365 fault reporting is available with all SLA’s; depending on the level of service and availability the customer requires, we have an option to suit the customer. Full SLA information is available from the customer's eir account manager.