My handset display is blank

If this is your first time using the handset or it has been idle for a while it may need recharging.

  • Ensure the phone lead is securely plugged directly into the main socket* and is securely connected to the base of the phone.
  • Press and hold the red handset key for 3 seconds to try power up the handset
  • Sit in the handset cradle for at least 20 minutes if it doesn’t turn on
  • It’s also possible that the batteries may not be inserted correctly

*The main socket is the original socket installed in your premises by a technician when you applied for service


If you're using a corded phone

  • Ensure the telephone lead is securely plugged directly into the telephone socket and the handset is connected to the phone itself.
  • If you want to be sure there is no problem with your handset please retry with a different one if possible

There is no dial tone

  • If you have completed the above troubleshooting steps and your Home phone line is still not working you can contact us on 1901.

Is there interference on the line?

The base ideally needs to be placed away from large metal items such as fridge-freezers, microwave ovens, etc. The distance between the base and handset is obscured by as few walls as possible. The base should be placed away from other electronic equipment, eg, PCs, TV, etc.

'SIP registration failed' on my handset display

This means that there is an issue with the information that was input during registration.

  • The username should be 18 digits long and the password 10
  • Repeat the registration steps outlined in the setup guide if you’re unable to get past this step

'Server not accessible' on my handset display

  • Ensure the network cable is connected from the LAN port of the broadband router to the network socket on the base station. The call button on the base station will light blue when it detects a live network connection.
  • Check that you don’t have firewall settings on your broadband router restricting access to the internet. You can do this by…
  • Check the broadband router has power, a link to the DSL splitter in the telephone socket and internet connectivity. Do this by checking if other devices, e.g. a laptop, are connected.
  • For eir Broadband Talk users, ensure that the base station is connected to one of the two grey FXS ports on the back of the modem.

If you need a new handset

  • If you have purchased or rent your phone from eir and you need a replacement you will need to contact us
  • If you have purchased your phone elsewhere you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.