eir broadband talk

What is eir Broadband Talk and what are the benefits?

eir broadband talk is eir’s new home phone service that enables you to use your eir Fibre broadband service to make, receive and manage your home telephone calls.

eir broadband talk provides the same features and benefits that are available with our standard home  phone service.  In addition, customers who avail of eir Broadband Talk have the option to download our eir Talk app, which allows you to use your home phone call allowances both inside and outside your home via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This means you can use calls from your home phone account when you’re out and about.

Who can avail of this service and what is required?

New eir customers who sign up to one of our eir Fibre broadband bundles can avail of our eir Broadband Talk service. 

You do not need a new phone or new equipment to avail of this service.  Regular analogue (wired) or DECT (cordless) phones can be used. Instead of plugging your phone into the phone socket on the wall, plug your phone into either the “Phone 1” or “Phone 2” port at the back of your eir Fibre modem.  These are the two grey ports that are adjacent to the grey DSL port at the back of your modem, as illustrated below.

If a technician is calling to your house to install your service, they will complete this for you.

As your phone now plugs into your modem, this means that power is always needed to support eir Broadband Talk. 

What happens in the event of a mains power failure?

In the event of a mains power failure, the eir Broadband Talk service will not work and it will not be possible to make calls from your home phone (including emergency calls) unless the modem and phone are supported by a back-up power supply.

It is possible to purchase a battery back-up unit that keeps the voice service active for a time during mains failure.

eir has tested the APC BBU ES 400 unit, shown below. This unit keeps the voice service active for up to 45 minutes during mains failure.


Existing Customers

If you have an existing landline number and move over to eir Broadband Talk your number will remain the same.

For existing home phone customers who consider migrating their home phone service to eir Broadband Talk, monitored alarms that are connected to your landline are not supported with eir Broadband Talk.  Alarms that have a mobile SIM card are not impacted.  Please check with your alarm provider as to which type of alarm you have before migrating your service to eir Broadband Talk.

Panic pendants that are connected to your landline are not supported with eir Broadband Talk.

Existing wired extension phones are not supported.  DECT extension phones that simply plug into an electrical socket are supported, but extension phones that are connected to a phone socket are not supported. 

The following call management services are supported with eir Broadband Talk

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Three Way Calling
  • Voicemail service

Existing customers may experience issues with viewing eir Sport on my Sky Box after moving to eir Broadband Talk. This is because your underlying Broadband phone number has changed; you need to re-register to continue viewing eir Sport for free through your Sky Box.  Simply click here and enter your eir account number, your Sky viewing card number and the 8881 number you received in a text message from eir on activation of eir Broadband Talk.  If you don’t have the text to hand, simply click on our chat button and someone will be on hand to help you.

Charges and Further Information

The charges for using eir Broadband Talk depend on what voice package and bundle you have signed up to.  Click here for rates. 

There is no connection fee with the service. 

Both calls and internet usage can happen at the same time.