Getting my Home Phone Service

I'm building a house what do I need to do to get an eir service?

Before you start construction please check with eir if there are any underground cables, Full details can be found on our website under 'Dial before you dig'

Then before you apply for phone and/or broadband service;

  • Ensure that all the necessary cabling (ducting) in your property is completed before you apply for phone service, check out ducting requirements here
  • When you have ducting completed and are ready to place your order, you will need to have your eircode, for new builds it takes approxiametly one month to assign an eircode.

How do I apply for a fixed landline service?

You can apply for your bundle including your phone line online

  1. Choose your home phone plan.
  2. Next you can customise your order by adding Broadband, TV or Mobile if you wish. Once you have your package bundle selected, click submit. You will need - to have your bank details, - other service provider's details (if you are moving from another operator), - eircode and bank details.
  3. Next you fill fill in the application form which looks for - your Details such as: - Name, Address, email, mobile number and contact number. - Personal Details such as Date of Birth, Nationality, Residential Status, Proof of Address, Occupational Status. Installation Details such as existing landline with master socket. - Account security details - Direct Debit Details - Complete Orders. Once you have submitted your order you will get a confirmation email and contacted by our support team. Alternatively you can contact us directly through one of our sales channels