What to expect

What are DDI's?

Direct Dial Inwards (DDI) stands for a block of telephone numbers. It is an ISDN service offered by eir, which is mainly used by Business customers. With DDIyou get a range of telephone numbers that can be distribured amongst staff members or assigned to different sections of the business. A DDI number can be reached directly without the assistance of a receptionist.

The number blocks come in sizes of 10 and 100. To avail of DDI's a business system is required.

With DDI's calls can be made from one extension line to another without going through the network. Calls can also be made from the network to individual extensions and vice versa.

The DDI service is given to a user normally to allow direct dialling into an extension behind a switchboard system

Numbers within a DDI number block are always consecutive. The DDI numbers can 'hunt' but additional set up is required.

DDI blocks must always be connected to the main (listed) number. This way you will have all the benefits of DDI, without the hassle of costly stationary changes.

What is hunting?

Hunting is where a group of telephone channels are configured so that if the first call connected to the number is busy (engaged) the call goes to the next channel. If that phone is busy it goes to the next channel and so forth.


How do I set it up?

You need to contact customer care at 1800 601 701 to get it set up.

Note: Hunting is not possible with the following conflicting services;

Call Waiting

Call Divert

Voice Mail

How much does it cost?

The connection charge is €25.39 and the monthly rental fee is €7.62 and any outgoing calls made from the DDI numbers will be charged to the main group number.