eir voicemail for landline customers is being upgraded


eir voicemail for landline customers is being upgraded to give
all customers an improved service from 19th June to the 9th of July.

You will be required to follow a few short steps to activate your voicemail
when you first dial in to the new service through 171.

Once you have completed these steps your new voicemail service will be
active and ready for use.

Details on how to access your old voicemail services will be provided when
you dial in to the new voicemail system.


Frequently Asked Questions for Non Impacted Customers

When will my voicemail be upgraded?
We are upgrading all landline voicemail services between 19/06/2019 – 09/07/2019.

What do I have to do when my voicemail is being upgraded?
When you dial into your new voicemail, you will be prompted to update your PIN and update
your voicemail greeting. You can personalise with a name greeting or a default greeting.  All
you need to do is follow the prompts.

Can I retrieve my old landline voicemails?
To access your old voicemail messages after the upgrade please dial 1800 303371.

If I do not activate my new voicemail service, will callers be unable to deposit
As we are upgrading to a new system, unless you re-activate your voicemail you will not be
able to get messages.

Does the call divert remain active?
Yes, if you have call divert on your line it will remain in place.

Is there any change to the operation of the service e.g. the length of time for the
storage of voicemails?
No, this will remain the same.