Storm Ophelia Update: Thursday, 09/11/2017, 12.45pm

Thu Nov 09 12:45:00 GMT 2017

While fault arrival levels continue to be higher than average, we are continuing to make progress, with a further decline in live fault levels.

All available fault resources are currently in storm response. To date the following response has been deployed:

  • All available repair technicians have been deployed on repair activity.
  • Our national response teams have been mobilised into the worst affected areas.
  • Apprentices have been deployed onto repair activity.
  • All available internal build resources have been deployed onto repair activity.
  • Contractor build resources have been mobilised into the worst affected areas.
  • Overtime has been deployed in affected areas with 7 day / full daylight working since the storm struck.

Our expectation is that it will be a further 3 to 4 weeks before all the infrastructural damage has been repaired and individual fault levels restore to normal levels.

The following infrastructural damage has been recorded and addressed so far:

  • 1,900 poles.
  • 2,200 overhead cable sections.

We currently have 8,172 live faults on hand. Only 1 County (Waterford) remains with an average repair time of days. A focus is being placed on the oldest faults, where completed infrastructure repair will now allow these faults to be repaired. There are no weather warning in place today.

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