Two Fraudulent emails currently in circulation


We have been made aware of a new fraudulent email in circulation at moment.

One is advising recipients to download an attachment and update their account details and the other about their email expiring.

Please take note of these fraudulent e-mails below to ensure you are not affected by this:

First e-mail:

Valued Eir User,

Kindly download the attachment copy of your document attached to this message to accept and update your account in our new EIR 2FA-Secured Data base.

Second e-mail:

Dear Customer,

As you've used your email address in the last 90 days, we need to let you know about some changes we're making. We're closing some of our older email services. That means your eir email address will stop working after 30 August 2018, unless you add it to our latest Broadband account.

If you don't do that, you'll permanently lose your email address as well as the contacts and messages associated with it.”


Note: For more customer awareness around these types of scams, please click here

eir Customer Care