4G Calling (VoLTE)

What is 4G Calling?

4G Calling, also known as Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) enables you to make calls and stay connected to the 4G network.

What are the benefits of 4G Calling?

  • Superfast speeds – Calls on 4G Calling will connect quicker than before
  • Enhanced call quality –  HD voice quality when using 4G Calling
  • Seamless coverage - Switch between Wi-Fi Calling at home and 4G calling on the move, maintaining HD voice quality at all times.   
  • Multi-tasking - Flick between apps while on a call
  • Web Browsing – Allow for internet browsing while on a call

How do I activate 4G Calling?

Android: This feature will activate automatically with compatible Android smartphones. See belwo for a list of compatible smartphones

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and above
  • Samsung Galaxy A90 and above
  • All Oppo smartphones in eir range

Apple: Apple users will need to manually enable this feature in their settings Click here for a guide on how to enable 4G Calling on your iPhone.

Note: Apple users will currently not experience the benefit of seamless transition from Wi-Fi Calling to 4G Calling. We are working to bring this benefit to Apple users in the near future.