Managing your plan or offer

What's the difference between a Plan and Offer?

On Prepay you’ll always have a “plan” which determines the default rates you’re charged for the services you use (such as accessing data, making calls, sending texts, ringing voicemail etc.).  

All plans then have “offers” which give you better value rates when you opt-in and top up. If you haven’t opted-in to an offer, or have missed your top-up date you’ll be charged the rates according to your plan.

You can only have one offer on one plan.

Once you opt in to an offer, you don’t have to opt in each month. Just top up by the required amount to reactivate it. If you’re not sure when you last topped up, text “offer” to 50104. This will also tell you the name of your offer.

How do I get an offer?

You can opt-in to an offer in one of two easy ways

  • By text –freetext the offer’s opt-in code to 50104
  • Online –opt-in through my eir

View a list of our best value Prepay offers here.

You only need to opt-in to your chosen offer once, and can only have one offer at any given time.

If you’re not sure of your current offer, text “offer” to 50104. This will also tell you the name of your offer.

How do I change my offer?

You can change to another offer by sending a text message, however before you do, there are some important things you should know:

  • If you’re moving to a different plan, your call rates may change
  • Your new offer will only activate after topping up
  • You’ll lose any remaining days on your current offer
  • After changing your offer, wait for a confirmation text before topping up
  • Once you top up, you’ll receive two texts – one to confirm top up, and one to confirm your offer is now active. Please wait for the second text as you will be charged standard plan rates until your offer activates.

To view a breakdown of usage and charges login to my eir.

How do I change my plan?

You can change your plan by texting the opt-in code of the new plan. Click here to see the opt-in codes.

Alternatively you can contact our Chat team who will be happy to help.

Former Meteor customers can also change plan by logging into my eir.

How can I tell which offer I am on and if it's active?

Text offer to 50104 and we’ll text you back your offer name and the date your offer is due to expire.

After topping up, all parts of your offer will activate in one go.

What happens if I top up while I am in the middle of an offer?

If you're on an offer where you keep your credit and top up by the same amount again mid-month your offer will simply reactivate.

How much will calls, texts or data cost when my offer expires?

To view charges outside of your plan or offer please click here. You can always track your usage anytime by logging into my eir.

Mobile usage allowance

For eir Mobile we have usage alerts set up.

An SMS will be sent to you when you reach 80% usage and again when you reach 100%. If you have mobile broadband the message will go to your mobile dashboard as normal.

We’ve looked at the usage of all of our Pay As You Go customers and nearly every one of our customers are more than covered with our Fair Usage Policy.  Our fair usage policy is in place to make sure we are able to give a consistent level of service to everyone. You can view the Fair Usage Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Standard Rates outside of Offer

Usage in the absence of an active offer and usage that is not inclusive in your offer or that is in excess of fair usage policy will be subject to the following standard rates:

Calls: 12c connection fee, then 39c per minute subject to a one minute minimum charge and 30 second charging increments thereafter;
Texts: 15c per message sent
Data: €1.99/day up to 100MB and 2c per MB thereafter
Calls to eir Customer Care: 20c/call

Excludes international, roaming, video calling and non-geographic usage.