Mobile coverage

What is 4G and where can I get it?

4G (also known as LTE or Long Term Evolution) is the 4th generation mobile network. 2G brought calls and texts, 3G introduced data and now 4G brings speed. It will mean much faster data speeds for smartphones and tablets - up to 10 times faster than 3G.

4G is only available in 4G enabled areas; our network has 99% 4G coverage nationwide. Speeds may vary depending on location. Check out our network coverage map for further information.

Mobile coverage

In most cases you should have really good coverage as our network has 99% 4G coverage nationwide. Like all mobile networks, we can’t fully guarantee indoor coverage. Coverage in your house can vary depending on the type of building. For example, if your house is built with thicker materials, or if you’re trying to access the network from a basement you may find it harder to connect to the network.

Our new eir WiFi Calling service lets you use your smartphone to call and text over any WiFi connection. This means that if you have an enabled phone, you can use this service to get great coverage even indoors where there may have been poor connection. Learn more about this new service in our eir WiFi Calling article.