Frequently asked questions

Who can get the offer?

New customers who port their number to eir prepay during March will be eligible for this offer. 

In order to avail of the offer you must do the following: 

  • Join eir prepay + port your number from your existing network – Order your eir mobile SIM here
  • Top Up by €20
  • Register for my eir

 Once you have completed the steps above you will need to top up by €20 (in one purchase) each calendar month to receive your bonus credit.

When will the credit be applied?

Bonus Credit Month

Top Up by €20 during the period

Bonus Credit Date



1st - 31st March '18

15th April '18


1st - 30th April '18

15th May '18


1st - 31st May '18

15th June '18


1st - 30th June '18

15th July '18


1st - 31st July '18

15th Aug '18


1st - 31st Aug '18

15th Sept '18


1st - 30th Sept '18

15th Oct '18


1st - 31st Oct '18

15th Nov '18


1st - 30th Nov '18

15th Dec '18


1st - 31st Dec '18

15th Jan '19


1st - 31st Jan '19

15th Feb '19


1st - 28th Feb '19

15th March '19


What happens if I don’t top up in any of the months?

You will forfeit the €10 credit associated with that month. If you top up again the next month, you will qualify for the bonus associated with that month.

What are the terms associated with the free credit?

  • Once the free credit has been applied to your account you will have 28 days to use the credit or it will expire
  • Bonus credit cannot be used to activate prepay offers

How can I port my number from another network?

You can port your number online here

Can I still use my old phone from my previous provider?

Yes this is possible. What you need to do is request an unlocking code from your previous provider for the handset. Once you have entered this code you can use any SIM in that phone.