The cost of data roaming

Costs will vary depending on where you are roaming and whether you are a Pay As You Go customer or Bill Pay customer

In the EU:

  • Prepay - Depending on your offer, you can use some or all of your data in the EU
  • Simplicity Offers:

      Offer Value -
    Full Data Allowance  - EU allowance
        €10                 7.5 GB                           4.7 GB
        €20              No Limits Data                 9.3 GB
        €30              No Limits Data                 14 GB

  • Bill Pay - If you have a data allowance at home you can use a chunk of this data while you roam in the EU. See Bill Pay plans page for more detail
  • You can also buy an Add-On, find out more about Add-Ons here.
  • If you don’t have an EU roaming plan allowance or purchase an add-on, you will be charged standard rates.

On our roaming page, you can select the country you are travelling to and we will show you the rates and options so you can choose what’s right for you.


In the USA:

To get the best value on data roaming in the USA we advise you to buy a 1GB roaming data Add-On which costs €29.99 and lasts for 30 days.

For all other destinations outside of the EU and USA you can see the standard rates on the rates page for your chosen destination. You can buy a 1GB roaming data Add-On which lasts for 30 days and costs €29.99. This add-on can be used in more than 40 Rest of World destinations - click here for detail data Add-On.


Monitoring data usage

To check how much data you've used text balance roam to 50104 or log into my eir.

We will also send you text alerts to help to manage your usage.

Using your phone on a flight or at sea

Some airlines now allow passengers to use their mobiles during flights. If your flight is enabled for this service you will be charged the following rates:

  • Making a call costs €2.33 per minute and receiving a call cost €2.23 per minute
  • Sending a text costs 39c and receiving a text is free
  • Mobile internet costs €4.99 per MB

While we cannot guarantee coverage when you're travelling at sea, customers may be able to pick up some maritime service providers:

  • Making a call will cost €2.33 per minute. And receiving a call costs €2.23 per minute
  • Sending a text costs 39c and receiving a text is free.
  • Mobile data is charged at €4.99 per MB

All pricing is quoted including VAT.

When will roaming call details show on my bill?

Roaming call details will show on your next bill but can sometimes take a little longer as you are using a foreign operator's service while travelling.

What is not included when you are roaming?

YouTube, social networks and messaging are not unlimited while roaming - usage will be deducted from your available EU data allowance while you roam.

Free eir to eir mobile calls and texts and free calls to landlines will not be available while roaming and will be deducted from any available allowances. If you have no available allowances you will be charged at standard rates.