Roaming - Set Up Before you Fly

Do I have Roaming on my Account?

  • As of April 2013, all mobile customers are set up to roam automatically within 5 days of joining eir Mobile.
  • If you joined before this date, please chat to an agent before you travel to ensure you have roaming set up on your account.
  • Bill Pay customers can check in my eir to see if roaming is activated.

Do you have credit or have you an outstanding balance?

If you're on Pay As You Go - check you have enough credit to make the call. If you've run out of credit and will like to top up, you can do so through my eir.

If you’re on Bill Pay – check your account is fully paid to date by logging into my eir.

Roaming and cannot connect to data?

  • Have you accepted the terms and conditions that were presented in the advice of charge page
  • Are you using a iPhone, you will need to turn the EU data roaming off and switch on roaming data

Are you using the correct codes?

Check you're using the international prefix needed for calling home - you’ll need to dial 00353 or +353, while dropping the first zero of number you’re calling.

Are you roaming in the USA?

You'll need to make sure you’re using a triband handset. If your phone isn't triband, it won’t be able to pick up coverage unfortunately.

Have you tried to Power-cycle?

  • Switching your phone off and on again may fix the issue
  • If not, you should take the battery out of your phone while it’s still switched on
  • Where this is not possible (e.g. iPhones) please put your phone into airplane mode for at least 30 seconds, and then switch it back to normal mode.
  • This will perform what’s known as a 'location update' and give a fresh connection to the network.

Manually choose a network

When you roam, your phone (unless set otherwise) will automatically search for the strongest network connection it can connect to.

However, sometimes you may need to manually select a network if you have problems making calls. To do this, simply choose your handset and follow our tutorial.

Will I be notified if I use a lot of data while roaming?

Yes, customers will receive data roaming notifications and a spending cap in line with EU data roaming regulation. Spend cap is automatically applied to the account and has a limit of €60 inc. VAT.

Using Premium rate numbers

In most cases calling a premium rate number won’t work while roaming (this includes calls made to Irish based companies and foreign premium providers).

If by chance you are able to connect the call, rates will vary while roaming.

How do I contact customer care while roaming?

The numbers to call are:

  • Prepay - +353 1 7652752
  • Bill Pay - +353 1 4307312