Read our top 5G FAQs below

Do I need a new SIM Card / How do I get a 5G SIM?

Yes you will need a new SIM card to avail of our 5G service. When you order a 5G handset you will get a 5G SIM with it. Contact our customer care team to transfer your number when your handset and SIM arrives.

If you buy a 5G handset in store, our agents will transfer your number over instantly.

Where is 5G available? What happens if I'm not in a 5G area?

Make sure to keep checking to see when your area becomes 5G enabled! See our 5G enabled locations.


What happens if I'm not in a 5G area?

If you are not in a 5G area, you will be automatically reverted to 4G. 5G will appear on your handset when you are in a 5G enabled area only. Remember you will need a 5G handset to be on the 5G network.

Do I need to change plan to get 5G?

Yes, you will need to move to one of out 5G enabled plans. Full details can be found on our bill pay plans page.

Will I get No Limits Data with 5G?

Yes! No Limits Data will be part of your plan.

Is it available on eir prepay?

No, our 5G service is only available on our Bill pay plans.