Topping up your eir Mobile or mobile broadband

How can I top up?

Voucher – buy in store and dial 1741 to top up by following the automated prompts. You can also free text the voucher number to 50103
Call 1743 – top up by debit, credit or laser card
From your bank account – top up at an ATM, Online or over the phone
Online Top Up Service

How Can I Check my balance?

Type *#100# into your phone and press the call button

• You can check your balance by logging into your myeir account
• Text OFFER to 50104 and we will text you back your remaining balance along with details of the offer you are currently on and days remaining before you need to top up again to keep the offer active

Why is my credit going missing?

There could be a number of reasons for this:

• Your offer may not be active
• Your offer may have run out
• Free calls over 59 min will be charged so remember to hang up and dial again to avoid this
• Have you been roaming?

Roaming charges may be applied to your bill if you have used more than your allowance or have been roaming outside of the EU

Calls to voicemail may be charged depending on your priceplan

How can I top up when abroad?

Online Top Up Service
• Before going, register for our top up service using your credit/debit card by calling us on 1743. Once registered, you can top up anytime by text, online or even schedule a frequent top up

When will my Pre-Pay offer activate and can I change offers after I top up?

Your prepay plan will activate only AFTER you have sent the relevant opt-in text message.

To view the eir Mobile prepay opt-in codes, please click here.

Please note: If spend any of your credit before your offer activates, this could potentially reduce your balance below the required amount for your offer.

You can change your offer but this cancels your current offer and you will lose any remaining days on the offer.

If you wish to change your price plan, please contact eir Mobile Customer Care or chat to an agent here

Will I lose my number if I don't top up?

If a number isn’t topped up after a period of time the number will eventually be recycled.

After 150 days numbers that have not been topped up will be unable to use any outgoing services. The number will still be able to receive calls and texts for a further 30 days.

240 days after your last top up any credit left on your phone will be removed.

13 months after your last top up your number will enter quarantine for a further 13 months following which it can be recycled and allocated to a new user.

Other helpful information

It is recommended that you top up before the end of your 28 day prepay offer, in order to avoid a disruption to your service or offer.

Please click here to view our current prepay plans and opt-in codes.