Troubleshooting mobile

First check if you have an issue with the service on your phone

There could be a number of reasons why you may not be able to get service on your phone

• If you are a Pay As You Go customer, you may need to top up, check in my eir where you can also top
• If you are a Bill Pay customer, check the balance of minutes on your account and ensure your account is not overdue as you may be barred for non-payment. Please note you will receive notification of this in advance and you c an always check the status of your account via the myeir service
• If you have a legacy 3G SIM, you may need to update your SIM card. Contact our care team and they will check this out for you

Can't send an SMS?

• Some handsets SMS memory can become full, which will stop you sending and receiving SMS's. You should clear the inbox, outbox and sent items and power off the handset
• Double check that you have the correct number
• The message may been converted from SMS yo MMS. An SMS message can be converted into an MMS message on Samsung and Android devises in general, this happens because

1. The SMS is going to more than one recipient
2. The message is too long
3. There are pictures in the message

To disable and prevent this, from the messageing app go to settings and locate and unselect Group Messaging for MMS settings

Help I have no voice service?

  • Check the balance of minutes on your account

Help I have no Data Service?

  • Make sure you complete the first steps above, to ensure its not a payment or coverage issue.
  • Check the your data allowance on your account through my eir
  • Ensure mobile data is turned on – click here for device help
  • Ensure APN settings are correct (these are outlined on the website under each device, click here to find your phone)
  • Check the location update (turn phone off and back on/ensure flight mode is turned off)
  • If the issue is still unresolved place your SIM into a family/friends phone, this will help distinguish whether the issue is with the SIM or the handset;
  • If the SIM works in the family/friends phone the issue is likely to be with your handset, in this case we suggest you go to your local eir store where a member of staff will send it away for repair.
  • If the SIM does not work in the family/friends phone, then the issue could be with your SIM card. If this is the case you can get a new SIM at your local Retail Store, list found here, or chat to one of our agents here

Why can't I make an international call?

All customers are automatically set up to make international calls. If you want to double check your roaming status, you can chat to an agent here.

Mobile APN Settings

Below are all the details you will need if you ever need to enter the mobile internet settings manually

Connection name: eir Mobile data
Data bearer: Packet data or GPRS on some handsets
Access Point Name (APN):
Username: N/A
Prompt password: N/A
Password: N/A
Authentication: None