Using Data

Data charges

Data is charged in two ways; it is either included in your plan or you are charged by what you use.

You may have a certain amount of data included in your plan and if you go over this you will be charged the daily rate.

Click here to view our data charges.

Watching videos or listening to music on your phone can eat into your data allowances quickly. It is best to access video based sources (such as Netflix and music/radio streaming) over WiFi to ensure you won't be charged.

Monitor my data usage

You can check your usage online or by SMS

  • Check your data usage in my eir or by downloading the my eir app
  • Text 'Balance Data' to 50104

Usage warning

To help prevent you from going over your data allowance, you will get a warning text when you’re at 80% and again at 100%.

Turning data off

You will have to do this manually on your handset. Click here for a step by step guide on how to turn off your data.