What to expect

Setting up roaming

Bill Pay customers:

As of April 2013, all customers (excluding mobile broadband) are set up to roam automatically within 5 days of joining the network.

If you joined before this date, please chat to an agent online or call eir care before you travel to ensure you have roaming set up on your account.

Bill Pay customers who use my eir can also check this on their dashboard once logged in.

Roaming can’t be switched on if there is an amount outstanding on your bill.


Pay As You Go customers:

You are automatically set up to roam in a number of key destinations.

Check your destination to see if there’s anything you need to do before you go, and make sure to read our Top Tips.

Connecting to the best value network abroad

When you roam, your phone (unless set otherwise) will automatically search for the strongest network connection it can connect to.

However, sometimes you may need to manually select a network if you have problems making calls. To do this – follow the instructions for your handset.

Connecting to data while abroad

You can automatically make calls and texts when you arrive at your destination but you’ll need to enable data roaming if you want to use the internet.

To do so enable the data roaming setting in your network settings as this normally is defaulted off. If you do not want to use data when abroad, simple disable the data roaming option in your network settings.

Please note:

  • If roaming in America – you’ll need a tri-band handset.
  • If roaming in Japan – you’ll need a 3g enabled handset.

If you’re not too sure whether your handset is tri-band or 3g-enabled you can refer to your phone manual or manufacturer website.

Voicemail and Topping up

Click here to find out how much voicemail calls will cost you while abroad.

To access your voicemail simply add a '5' between the prefix and the rest of your mobile number. Example 0035385 5 XXXXXXX.

There are two ways to top up:

  • Click here to do a once off top-up
  • Or if you'd prefer to save your details for future top ups, you can top up by logging into my eir.

Numbers you might need while travelling/ Calling home

It’s useful to know the country codes you’ll need while there. To call back to Ireland its 00 353 (drop the 0 in your prefix and add the rest of the number you are calling e.g. 00 353 85 1234567).

Sometimes dialling 00353 may not work, so you’ll need to dial +353 instead of 00353.

To call numbers in the country you’re roaming in check the international dialling code for the country.

Data roaming text alerts

To help you manage your data costs when accessing the internet on your mobile or using Broadband To Go while roaming in the EU, we have data roaming notifications and a spending cap in line with EU data roaming regulation.

Our spend cap is automatically applied to your account and has a limit of €60.00 (Inc. Vat). So when you first connect to the internet when roaming in the EU, a notification will appear on your screen letting you know of data roaming costs.

Once you click ‘Yes' on this notification you can then access the internet. You’ll then receive a free text message when you have reached €48 of data (80% of the €60 limit).

When the €60 data roaming spend limit is reached another notification will appear on your screen asking you to confirm whether you want to continue to data roam.

You can opt-out of the initial notification and the €48 inc. VAT text message, however you’ll still receive a text message when you reach €60 on data roaming. Opt-out by free texting ‘DATA OUT' to 50009