Mobile Broadband FAQs

Can I use eir Mobile Broadband while abroad?

You can use your mobile broadband abroad. Check out or roaming rates here.

There is no roaming allowance on our 4G broadband product.

Where can I find my eir Mobile broadband number?

You can find your eir Mobile broadband number on the broadband device manager screen.
Simply go to Tools / Diagnostics, click on the 'SIM' tab, and then choose 'Own number' (MSISDN).

How to set up roaming for mobile broadband?

If you are a Pay as You Go customer or Bill Pay customer you are automatically set up to roam within the EEA.

If you would like to roam outside of the EEA please contact our care team.

There is no roaming allowance on our 4G Broadband.

How much does it cost to use my broadband while roaming?

Costs vary depending on where you are roaming and whether you are a Pay As You Go or a Bill Pay customer.

Check out the rates for the area you’re travelling to here.

How to I set up my 4G Broadband?

To set up your 4G Broadband simply insert your SIM into the free Home Router and plug it in.

How can I top up my mobile broadband?

If you are a Pay as You Go customer, you can top up your mobile broadband:

1. Online
2. In store
3. Call us on 1741 to register your debit/credit card and top up at any time

Setting up a stick modem

  1. Put your SIM into the stick modem.
  2. Plug the stick modem into your PC/laptop
  3. The device will automatically install an icon on your desktop – click on this to open the web management page. (You can also manually reach the web management page by opening your browser, typing ( address if you have one of our older devices) into the address bar and pressing enter.)
  4. Click connect


Pay As You Go Customers - you have €3 credit pre-loaded on your new SIM. We recommend you buy a 1 day pass with a 1GB allowance. See more information on how to activate a pass.

How do I set up a WiFi hotspot?

  1. Put your SIM into your WiFi hotspot and power it on.
  2. On your WiFi enabled device (i.e. your mobile phone, laptop, computer or tablet) go to your wireless connection settings and select your hotspot from the list of available connections. The name (or SSID) of your hotspot will be written on a sticker on the back. Then input the WiFi security key (this is an 8 digit password) and press ok.
  3. Next you'll need to enter your PIN. You will need to input this via the ‘web management’ page on your WiFi enabled device. To get to this page, open a web browser, type (or if you are using one of older devices) into the address bar and press enter.
  4. Enter your PIN. You’ll find this on the back of your SIM pack

How do I update my APN settings?

Should you need to enter your APN settings manually, please find all the details you need below:

Connection name: eir Mobile data
Data bearer: Packet data or GPRS on some handsets
Access Point Name (APN):
Username: N/A
Prompt password: N/A
Password: N/A
Authentication: None