Topping up Mobile Broadband

Topping Up

To top up your broadband account you will need to purchase credit. You can do so by:

Call us on 1743 to register your debit/credit card. Once registered you can top up by text or online at any time.

Can I use eir Mobile Broadband while abroad?

Yes, you can use your mobile broadband abroad. To set up roaming on your eir Mobile Broadband account, contact our Customer Care team. A deposit or pre-payment may be required.

Note: roaming charges vary per destination. Check out our roaming rates before travel.

Where can I find my eir Mobile broadband number?

You can find your eir Mobile broadband number on the broadband device manager screen. Just go to Tools / Diagnostics, click on the 'SIM' tab, and then choose 'Own number' (MSISDN).

Why should I buy a pass?

If you regularly access the internet we recommend you use a pass. A pass will give you a chunk of data to use over a set preiod of time at discounted rates. Click here to see our passes.

You can buy a pass for your mobile broadband through the 'Broadband To Go' screen which pops up when you open a browser using your eir mobile broadband.

You can browse without a pass, however you will be charged per MB used. Click here to view our charges.