Unlocking Code

When can I request to unlock my phone?

eir prepay customers: You must have topped up to a value of at least €120

eir bill pay customers: You must have completed your minimum contract term before requesting an unlock code (standard contract length is 24 months)

How do I request to unlock my phone?

The easiest method to request to unlock a phone is filling in the mobile phone request form.

What do I need to complete this form?

You will need the make and model of the phone you wish to unlock.
You will also need the IMEI and the mobile number currently being used in the phone.

What is an IMEI and how do I get it?

An IMEI is the smartphone equipment number. This is an identity number unique to every mobile phone and is 15 digits long. 

To get the IMEI for your phone you will need to enter the code *#06# when the phone is switched on. When this code is entered the 15 digit code will display on the customers screen.

Why are you asking what mobile number is in phone?

We use this information to verify that the IMEI was linked to a phone used against a number on the eir network.

How and when will you contact me?

Once we review your unlocking code request we will aim to contact you by email within 10 working days. In the unlikely event we are unable to find your unlocking code in our system and we need to contact the manufacturer, this can extend the process to at least 15 working days. In this scenario we will contact you to advise of the delay.

What happens when I receive my unlocking code?

Once we process your request we will issue your unlocking code by email. There are two different types of response depending on the type of phone you have requested to unlock.


For Apple phones
Apple phones will be automatically unlocked by Apple upon request, you will receive an email advising the phone is unlocked but no code is issued. The customer will need to sync to itunes


For all other phones
eir will issue you an email with the phones unlocking code. Upon entering this code into your phone this device will unlock and you will be able to use on any network.