What add-ons are available to me?


Add-Ons give you extra minutes, texts or data to use at a discounted rate on your account. When you sign up to an add-on, it reactivates on your account every month unless you cancel it.

Click here for Prepay or here for Bill Pay to find details of how you can activate or deactivate these add-ons.

Click here for more information on Roaming add-ons.

When is an add-on applied to my account and how am I charged?

Bill pay:

Add-Ons will activate within 24 hours of sign up. We’ll charge you a pro-rata amount between the time of activation up until your bill day where you’ll then pay for your add-on one month in advance.


Pre Pay:

Add-ons will activate within 24 hours of sign up. The credit will be taken from your account to pay for your chosen add-on, and your account will be charged every 28 days to keep your add-on active. 

How do I cancel or change an add-on?

The easiest way to cancel an add-on is to text the opt out code for your add-on to 50104.

Click here for Billpay codes

Click here for Prepay codes


Bill pay:

The cancellation of an add-on will come into effect from your next bill date. Make sure to give us plenty of notice so we can get it cancelled well before your bill date.

Pre Pay:

Please note you will not keep the allocation of your previous add-on if you cancel in the middle of your 28 days.

Data pricing information

To view details of our data pricing please click here