Enabling touch ID/face ID for iOS or Fingerprint ID for Android for the my eir app

Ensure your device has face ID, touch ID or is fingerprint enabled

To do this, log into your device and go to settings to enable it on your phone

If you do not have automatic app updates enabled, update your my eir app to the latest version by visiting the App Store or Play Store. Apple/iOS users click here. Android users click here.

Once you have completed steps 1-3, log into your my eir app and put in your password, this will link your password to your fingerprint

The next time you log in to my eir it will automatically recognise this new functionality on your device

You will then be prompted to use touch ID or fingerprint instead of your password

Please Note:

If you have two or more profiles active on your my eir account you must login to each individual profile and enter your email and password to enable touch ID or fingerprint for each profile

If you update your password on the desktop version of my eir your fingerprint login will fail as the touch ID no longer matches the password.

Please enter your new password to re-active the fingerprint login
Face ID will only work on iOS enabled phones