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Landline: Troubleshooting home phone

Find solutions to possible problems with your handset or home phone line below

Landline: Connection issues on home phone line

Learn why you may not be able to make or receive calls

Tutorial: Troubleshooting Broadband & TV problems

Quick tips to help you fix your broadband and tv connection issues

eir Sport: Problems watching eir Sport

Reasons you may be experiencing difficulty watching eir Sport and some solutions to fix

TV: eir Vision problem solving

Helpful tips to help get your eir Vision back on track

Broadband: How to fix your broadband connection problems

Get tips for troubleshooting broadband connection problems

Mobile: Problems using your mobile while roaming

If you are having issues with your service while roaming, check out the following troubleshooting tips

My eir: How do I register for my eir?

Below you will find details about how to register for my eir

My eir: my eir app

Below you will find details about the my eir app

My eir: Forgotten my eir username

Here you'll find what to do if you have forgotten your my eir username

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