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My eir: What can I do in my eir?

Below you will find details about all of the features available within my eir

Mobile: How to check my credit balance

There are a number of ways to check your balance find these below

Mobile: My first eir Mobile bill

Everything you need to know about your first eir Mobile bill

Mobile: Setting up Mobile Broadband

Follow the steps below to get connected to the internet using mobile broadband

General: Making a complaint

Find out how you can make a complaint and understand our complaint procedure

eir Sport: Problems watching eir Sport

Reasons you may be experiencing difficulty watching eir Sport and some solutions to fix

Tutorial: Issues watching eir Sport

Solutions to why you may be experiencing difficulty watching eir Sport

Broadband: Modem Parental Controls

Information on setting up modem parental controls

Broadband: Managing broadband usage

Monitoring your broadband usage

Broadband: Homeplugs and other accessories

Find out about Homeplugs and other connected living accessories

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