Swapping a device for eir Vision

How do I swap devices?

You can swap one of your registered devices once per calendar month.

This can be done in 5 easy steps:

  1.     Log in to the eir Vision Go App or website on the new device you want to register
  2.     Click 'Settings' and choose 'Device Management'
  3.     Select the device you no longer need
  4.     Click on 'Remove device' option
  5.     Choose '+' symbol to login and register your new device.

I am unable to swap devices

If you have registered the incorrect device and are unable able to change it due to the "monthly device swap rule" please contact our Technical Support team on 1890 260260.

Experiencing issues with device recognition and swaps

If your device is being recognised more than once, this could be because you have a piece of software (CCleaner or your own browser settings) running in the background which is deleting the eir Vision cookie. If this cookie is deleted, any subsequent logins will be recognised as a 'new device'. This happens because eir Sport relies on the acceptance of cookies to recognise the device registered.

To overcome this, users should 'uncheck' the option to delete cookies. Please note that using your browser in 'Incognito' or 'Private Browsing' mode will also prevent the acceptance of cookies and may cause device recognition issues.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Technical Support team in 1890 260 260.