Troubleshooting eir Vision Go

I tried to use eir Vision Go on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge but it doesn’t work?

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not support Microsoft Silverlight which is required for the eir Vision Go service.

You can use the following browsers:

  1. Explorer 11 – Download
  2. Mozilla Firefox – Download
  3. Safari (for Mac) - Download

When I try to watch a programme on my computer nothing happens?

If there is a blank area displayed where the player should be, it is likely that Microsoft Silverlight has not been installed. You should be offered the option to install it or you can download it here -  Download Microsoft Silverlight


Please note that eir Vision Go is not supported on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

I’m experiencing some video buffering

Buffering may occur due to insufficient internet speed. The minimum required speed to use eir Vision Go depends on your device. You can check minimum speed requirement by clicking here

  • We recommend you to check your connection speed using a speed test.
  • If you're connected to 3G or 4G please try to connect to a WiFi network.

Streaming and Data usage

  • eir Mobile and Meteor customers can stream live TV over 3G/4G in the Republic of Ireland and it won't eat into your data allowance.
  • ISP and data charges apply for other providers when not connected to WiFi.

Are there any restrictions to use the eir Vision Go app?

You can use the eir Vision Go app anywhere in the Republic of Ireland and while travelling in an EEA Member State.