Issues sending emails

Are you accessing your emails through an email client (e.g. Outlook/Mac Mail)?

  • Emails sent through these will only send when you’re connected to an eir broadband or WiFi connection.
  • Outside of an eir broadband connection, you will need to edit the "Outgoing Mail server" to the outgoing mail server of the internet provider you're connected to.
  • Note – The outgoing mail server for eir Mobile and Meteor is ''

When sending an email via an email client e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Phone etc. you are dependent on the broadband provider that you are using at that time. Therefore the email client should be configured to the broadband connection that is being used. If it's not set up correctly, emails will not send.


Issues receiving emails

It's possible some emails are being picked up as spam. Check your "Junk" folder. You can then choose to move the email to your inbox by selecting the email and clicking the "Not Spam" option.