Webmail Frequently Asked Questions

Why are eir charging for Webmail?

In order to provide a better service we will charge €5.99 from 31st March 2020.

How much is it?

The charge for the use of webmail is €5.99 per month.

How do I close or delete an email account?

This will be done automatically by eir if you do not sign up for the new payment solution, or if you have signed up for the new payment solution you can cancel through your account management page in your email account. Please note there will be no refund issued upon termination.

What access to my old emails will I have if I close / delete?

None, once your account is deleted your emails will be deleted. So please ensure you move all data you wish to continue to access before it is deleted.

What happens to my email address if I don’t sign up?

We will hold your emails and email address for a further 60 days after you are locked out before permanently deleting all your emails and the email address. Please remember your login and passwords.

Can I get my emails from eir redirected to my new email address if I go to another provider?

No, your email address will be deleted.

What is the eir webmail usage policy?

Please visit www.eir.ie/policy to view our webmail usage policy.

I can't access my email, why has my webmail been suspended?

In most cases your email will be suspended if you have not signed up for payment or have missed a payment. It can also be suspended if you cancel your account or if you break our Webmail usage policy.

Why has my webmail been deleted?

Firstly your email address is suspended because:

  • You haven't signed up to the new paid service.
  • You have missed a payment.
  • You have broken our usage policy.
  • Once suspended, you'll have 60 days to reactivate it and regain access to all your email messages and personal data.

Your email address is generally deleted because:

  • You haven't recovered access to it within 60 days of suspension.
  • You or the eir ID account holder has cancelled it on your account management page.
  • Once we delete an email address, all of your email messages and personal data will also be deleted and can't be recovered.

It's important to note that email addresses:

  • Can only be recovered by the eir ID account holder.
  • Must be recovered within 60 days of suspension by us or cancellation by the account holder.
  • Will be permanently deleted after 60 days without further notice.

When will payment be taken?

Payment will be taken from your selected card at the start of each calendar month. Upon successful payment, your access to eir email will be auto-renewed.