Email Protector

What is Email Protector?

We have launched a new and improved "Email Protector" service and have ensured a smooth transition to the improved platform without impacting you.

eir customers can expect a vastly superior user experience with:

  • no need to check your spam on a separate page, everything is managed from your email inbox
  • one password for spam check and email
  • improved spam blocking
  • service by a leading expert in spam filtering

If you wish to view your quarantine emails you can simply login to webmail and check your spam folder. The emails in the spam folder will be stored for 21 days after which they will be automatically deleted.

eir disclaimer

eir will NEVER send an unsolicited e-mail asking for your password or any of your account details. If you receive an e-mail asking for any of your account details, please DO NOT ENTER ANY DETAILS and delete it immediately!