Landline Phone and Broadband Switching or Changing Service Provider

We hope you're happy with your service, however, if you have decided to leave eir we've put together what you need to know.  You can complete the termination of your services by either Switching or Ceasing.

The steps for switching and ceasing are slightly different, so please make sure to follow the correct instructions below.

  • Switching means you want to move your landline phone number and/or broadband to a different service provider.
  • If you are switching only your phone number to another provider your new provider will be responsible for initiating the switching process. You do not need to contact eir.  This also applies in most cases when switching your phone number and broadband.

In the following cases:

  • You do not have a landline phone number (i.e. you have a broadband service only)
  • You have a landline phone and broadband service but you are not keeping your landline phone number
  • If you are on an eir Broadband Talk plan (a voice over broadband (VoBB) service) and you intend to move your landline number to another service provider

You will need to contact eir to terminate your remaining eir service(s).

If you need to contact us to terminate any of your services when switching to a new provider please use one of the following:

Phone: 1901

eir Customer Value Management
eir Building
Mount Agnes Road
Co. Cork

For verification purposes and to ensure the best possible customer experience, you will need the following pieces of information for the call or letter. 

  • Your name and address as they appear on your eir bill
  • Your UAN number (this can be found on your eir bill)
  • Your landline telephone number including prefix/area code
  • Which service(s) you wish to move to a new provider

You will receive confirmation of the cessation in writing.

You can use the below termination letter template if you choose.

There are a few other things you need to be aware of:

If you are within the minimum term for your contract you will be liable for an early termination charge.  We will bill you for this charge after your services terminate. The amount you will be charged will be calculated based on the number of days you have left on your minimum contract term.

When you terminate your service(s) you must return any eir TV and broadband equipment to us within 30 days following your termination date.  You will be charged a fee for any equipment not returned to us within this deadline and we'll send you a bill for any unreturned equipment charges after your services are terminated.  For full details on equipment returns please visit:

Cancelling Our Service(s)

Termination Request form